" Refresh. Renew. Realign.
Experience A Deep One of A Kind
Healing Journey to Bali ..."
November 27-December 10, 2017
 We welcome all who wish to have true soul growth through sacred travel. 
This journey will enchant, heal, stimulate, and bring magic to all who participate. 
What are past attendees saying?
"When I first arrived in Bali I was told to "be open to receive!" Those simple 4 words changed my life forever. A truly breathtaking experience that allowed me to let go of the negative and find a peace within that continues to calm and a heart that continues to strengthen and soar! "🙏😍💕 CSilverman
What are past attendees saying?
"The trip to Bali was a trip like no other I have ever experienced. The combination of sacred ceremony, interaction with the beautiful Balinese people, and time for rest and fun (and of course shopping!) was perfectly choreographed by Ken and his team. It was life-changing, fun and continues to influence who I am every day. Run— don't walk if you have a chance to be part of a sacred journey with Ken Ballard.  ~ Jodi Gold

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